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WSHNA Awards

Each award may be given annually and will be presented at our annual training seminar. To avoid our awards from becoming a requirement rather than a true recognition of outstanding performance it is not mandatory that each award is given annually. Two awards will be granted by WSHNA.


WSHNA Distinguished Service Award


The WSHNA Distinguished Service Award was established to recognize an outstanding event of crisis negotiations. Regardless of the type of incident, i.e., suicide intervention, barricaded subject, or hostage taking, this award is meant to recognize a single event where the negotiator exemplified him/herself by utilizing negotiation skills to resolve an event. This award can be given to any negotiator who is recognized as such by their law enforcement or correction agency. While realizing that a successful negotiation is many times accomplished by a team effort, this award can be given to a team, as well as an individual. (However, keeping in mind our underlying tenet that less is better.)


Recipients of the WSHNA Distinguished Service Award must be past or present members of WSHNA and may be submitted by anyone with sufficient knowledge of the event in question. The nomination must be signed by two people, at least one member in good standing of WSHNA.


WSHNA Tom Moyer Memorial Award


The WSHNA Tom Moyer Memorial Award is established to recognize an individual who has made a significant contribution to the Western States Hostage Negotiators’ Association or a significant contribution to the art of police crisis negotiations in general. WSHNA recognizes that in any organization or in any endeavor there are persons who consistently come to the forefront to offer time and energy. Through the Tom Moyer Memorial Award WSHNA will strive to recognize some of those dedicated individuals.


Recipients of the Tom Moyer Memorial Award are not limited to members of WSHNA. However, nominations must be submitted by two people and one person must be a member in good standing of WSHNA.


Awards Panel


Nominations for the Distinguished Service Award and for the Tom Moyer Memorial Award should be submitted to the Executive Director no later than April 1st of any year. The Executive Director will then convene a meeting of the Executive Board to review and discuss any nominations received. If more than one nomination is received for a category the Executive Board will vote to establish the award winner.


It will be the decision of the Executive Board what will represent the award and be given to recipients, i.e., plaque, certificate, monetary amount, gift certificate, etc.

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Tom Moyer.jpg

2024Tom Moyer Memorial Award Winner

Deputy Josh Starr

Washington County (OR) Crisis Negotiation Unit

Read Nomination A

Read Nomination B

2024 Distinguished

Service Award

Washoe County (NV) Sheriff's Office 

Read Nomination

Lifetime Achievement Award

Executive Director Bruce Wind

Read Proclamation

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