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Executive Board

Executive Director

Bruce Wind

Retired Seattle (WA) P.D.

Appointed Position



Samantha 'Sam' Robinson

Whatcom County (WA) S.O.

Term Expires 2026

Message from the President

Vice President

Andi O'Brien

Washoe County (NV) S.O.

Term Expires 2025


Joe Miller

Retired Salem (OR) P.D.

Term Expires 2026


Stacy Rejaian

Marion County (OR) S.O.

Term Expires 2025

Vice President of Events

Mark Eakes

Lakewood (WA) P.D.

Appointed Position

District Representatives

District 1 (Washington & Alaska)

Dan Waters

Spokane (WA) P.D.

Term Expires 2026

District 2 (Oregon & Northern California)

Lisa Cain

Oregon Department of Correction

Term Expires 2025

District 3 (Nevada)

Sam Van Der Wall

Washoe County (NV) S.O. 

Term Expires 2026

District 4 (Idaho, Montana & Wyoming)

WSHNA Historian

Greg Heun

Idaho Department of Correction

Term Expires 2025


Representative at Large

2025 Seminar Chairperson

Tyler Kirk

Redmond (OR) P.D. 

Term Expires 2025

Non-Profit Organization

WSHNA is recognized as a tax exempt, non-profit organization, 501(c)(3), by the Internal Revenue Service and the State of Washington. Tax numbers are available upon request.

Board Minutes

Board Miniutes & Financial Reports are available in full by contacting the Execiutive Director. Any member in good standing has the right to review most documents maintained by WSHNA.


c/o Bruce A. Wind

2416 46th AVE SE

Puyallup, WA  98374-4181




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